Restarted Blog Yomitol!

To followers, thank you for your continuous warm attention and support to my activity of Yomitol.
To new visitors, thank you for visiting my blog on Yomitol, a unique assistive communication technique. Blog Yomitol! (2018-2020) moved here, on a website Goisshoshimasho!, from a blog platform Hatena Blog and I restarted posting.

There are people in a locked-in state bedridden who look unconscious but conscious.
I have a technique of conveying what they image writing by tracing their stroke of letters. Yomitol is a technique of assistive communication aid, and I named.
I visit two patients with impairment of verbal communication periodically. One had been bedridden for 18 years because of a traffic accident. The other has been in a locked-in state for five years by intractable neurological disease. I support them as a dialogue partner, a communicator for their family and caregivers. Sometimes I accompany them going out.

In a blog Yomitol!, I will write to introduce my activity of communication support for people with disabilities and, above all, what people in a locked-in state say. I am happy when they are happy being connected again through Yomitol.
It was my pleasure to meet a Brain Computer Interface researcher introduced by my supporter and an excellent IT engineer developing an automatic-run bus for Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 this year. I learn a lot through discussion about technology and technique to support people in a locked-in state.

I hope the information I write on this blog can reach you who have been not known you are conscious yet. And I would be happy if I could help your family searching for a way to communicate with you.

And to readers, thank you for your attention and share.