Enjoy playing games by your paralyzed hands with the device Yomitol-Kun!

I am happy to tell you that Goisshoshimasho will hold an event “Enjoy playing games by your paralyzed hands with the device Yomitol-Kun!”.

Goisshoshimasho developed a device named Yomitol-Kun (Ver.1) together with the Aichi ICT and Education Support Association. Yomitol-Kun is a unique device to assist the communication of people with impairment.<Pending Utility model registered>.

Yomitol-kunTM catches the low strength of four limbs and conveys the signal to the device connected. The System looks simple, but its work is good! Takashi and Shin, who have been in a locked-in state with impairment for quite a long monitored the device. They succeeded in expressing YES and NO assisted.

The event “Enjoy playing e-games with your hand paralyzed!” will allow you the opportunity to try using this excellent device and applications by enjoying communication and games.

Be happy with your hands paralyzed in the spotlight of applause.
Don’t miss this opportunity.

Join us, Goisshoshimasho!

March 12, 2022 
1:30 pm – 4:30 

at Rental Studio, NPO DREAM

Cooperator:Aichi ICT and Education Support Association
Adivisor:Akira Masuo, Occupational Therapist

Goisshoshimasho is an non-profit organization. We support the communication of people with disabilities by collaborating with the groups for ICT support.